Twenty Percent Of Guys Think That Rape Cannot Happen If Both Parties Are Drunk

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If you do not know about the feminist publication babe, then you should. They are all about "babes who dgaf," and they really live up to their motto. Recently, the publication surveyed both men and women about what constitutes consent, and the results may shock you. According to babe, 19.4% of men believe that if both parties are drunk, then sex cannot be called rape. 

I really should be floored by this, but I am not. I mean if someone can be elected president after bragging about sexually assaulting women, then what did we really expect? Rape culture is alive and rampant among teenagers and grown adults, and intoxication is just one way in which it thrives. 

Recently, this topic of drunk consensual sex vs. rape has come to the forefront when DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios were involved in a drunken sexual encounter while shooting ABC's summer hit series The Bachelor in Paradise. Olympios released a statement that said that she was blackout drunk and a victim in this matter. However, Jackson was interviewed by E! in late June and said that the act was consensual. BIP has said that it will not release the tape of the encounter to the public. 

Regardless of whose side you are on in this situation, one good thing has come out of this: people are starting to talk about the severity of drunk sex that leads to rape. In fact, the definition of rape means that you are unable to give consent because you are being stifled physically or through drugs or alcohol. 

To me, the 19.4% of men that babe surveyed are uneducated about consent. The conversation starts with how men and women are taught to treat others while intoxicated. Rape means sex without consent. Period. So why is this so hard to understand? If a person is intoxicated, then they are unable to give consent. If someone is not, then they are. How is this so difficult to understand?

Consent is more than just sexy, it is mandatory. No matter what our president says, this is a real issue that needs to be discussed. No. Means. No.  

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