Carrie Underwood Was Named People Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman In Country And Everyone Agrees

Carrie Underwood

If you do not think Carrie Underwood is GORGEOUS then why did you even click on this article?

Rising to fame after winning Fox's American Idol, Underwood has been cracking out country hits like "Jesus Take The Wheel" to "Heartbeat." She is one of the biggest voices in country music and probably will be until she retires. 

Most recently, People Magazine released their 2017 Most Beautiful People list. Julia Roberts nabbed the ultimate honor, but Carrie Underwood was named the Most Beautiful Woman In Country. They are most definitely not wrong. 

Carrie Underwood

Other country celebrities like Blake Shelton and Kelsea Ballerini were also named on one of the "Most Beautiful" lists. Still, Underwood's honor is the highest. Who can blame People? Carrie Underwood is the obvious choice for "Country's Most Beautiful." Her long blonde hair looks fantastic with curly, wavy, and straight styles, and her massive teeth make her smile a showstopper. 

While her physical appearance is spectacular, it is Underwood's heart that makes her truly beautiful. The country singer was raised by her grandparents in a small town before becoming the superstar that we now know. One of the things that we love about her is that she came from small town, down home roots just like the rest of us. Her story could have easily been ours. Watching Underwood on American Idol, we have seen her grow as an artist. 

Now, Underwood is one of the biggest names in country music and is in the ranks of Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, and Taylor Swift. She is married to Predator's player Mike Fisher - who is currently vying to bring Nashville the The Stanley Cup in a few weeks - and has a beautiful son named Isaiah. She has a kickass body and a voice that sounds like pure gold. There is nothing wrong with Carrie Underwood. 

This is why she deserves to be named People Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman in Country. Carrie Underwood has stolen our hearts as well as those of the magazine. It will be truly an honor to watch as she grows even more as an artist and a mother. I do not know how she could get more beautiful, but I am sure she will tackle that feat without breaking a sweat. 

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