Celine Dion Shares A Nude Photo That Proves She's Still Got It

Celine Dion
@celinedion via Instagram

I once had a professor in college tell me that he hated Celine Dion. We were studying the dramatic impact that Titanic had on pop culture and the way in which the film appealed to both genders as a love story and a disaster film. Of course, we discussed the massive number one hit single from the film, "My Heart Will Go On" by the one and only Dion. He rolled his eyes and said, "You guys know that this was a massive hit, right? I hate Celine Dion and this movie and do not want to spend any more time discussing it." There were audible gasps in the lecture hall. 


This woman clearly has a passion for her music and continues to sell out shows all over the world. She is an international sensation with amazing pipes and beauty that rivals the most beautiful flower. Celine Dion is God's gift to man, and I will fight anyone who disagrees with me. 

Recently, Dion launched her international tour. To promote it, she was on the cover of Vogue. During her shows, she only wears couture outfits, the focus of the article. However, this is not what caught our attention. Dion posed completely nude for the magazine. 

She is forty-nine years old and still managed to pull off a nude photoshoot with more class than an elementary school. Dion sits in a chair with her head in her hand. Her golden brown hair is lightly teased, and her eyes have been accentuated with smoky colors. With her legs crossed, Dion's figure appears slim yet fit. 

Let me just say that CELINE DION IS QUEEN.

Be on the lookout for the latest edition of Vogue and be sure to check out her and the magazine's Instagram accounts. They feature teases from the shoot that will floor you. If you are going to be in Europe, Asia, or South America any time soon, be sure to see if Dion will be performing. As much as her voice will give you chills and floor you, I am sure that your heart will go on for this beautiful, singing treasure. 

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