You Can Now See Who Swiped Right On Your Tinder Profile


If you have ever been single, then you have probably been on Tinder. Even if you do not want to admit it, you definitely have. It is the easiest way to date or hook-up in the twenty first century. The social stigma behind Tinder or meeting on Tinder is slowly diminishing as the app has replaced conventional dating. 

Whenever I have been on Tinder, I am very meticulous about who I swipe right on. However, I have friends who just swipe yes on everybody. Then, they go through the yeses and delete the matches in which they are not interested. While I would never do this, the method does seem to be effective and give you the knowledge about who has liked you so you do not have to put in the extra effort. 

In order to combat this method, Tinder is going to let users see who has already swiped right on them. As most things do, this will come at a price. Called Tinder Gold, this new feature will also give you unlimited yeses plus a "rewind." Like Bumble's backtrack feature, "rewind" will let you undo your most recent swipe. Sounds like Tinder is really amping up their game!

For right now, Tinder Gold is available in Mexico, Argentina, Australia, and Canada. It is still in testing, so the developers are figuring out what works and how much the update should cost. Once everything starts to fall into place, the app will release a worldwide release. Do not fret, my fellow Americans, Tinder Gold is coming for us. 

Sounds really great, right? At the very least, Tinder Gold will let you find your matches faster, which could lead to wedding bells or just a quick hookup. No matter what you are looking for, Tinder Gold is here to help you. With the update, your dating life will be simpler. You will not have to waste your time reading through someone's profile only to find that they are not a match. Gone are the days of no-matches. 

We have crossed over into the era of even faster dating than the first release of Tinder. What is happening to us?!

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