Jonathan Groff Just Revealed Some EPIC New Details About 'Frozen 2'

Disney via Giphy

GUYS, I NEED YOU TO REMAIN CALM BECAUSE I CLEARLY CANNOT. Jonathan Groff, the voice of Princess Anna's love interest "Kristoff," just announced some pretty sweet details about Frozen 2

I just told you to be calm. Take a deep breath and please stop screaming. If you are reading this on your phone, pick it up from off of the floor. Okay, here we go. 

Groff said that Frozen 2 will hit the big screen in November 2019. While that is a little over two years away, the film finally has a release date! The light at the end of the tunnel has finally revealed itself. Thank the lord because I was starting to get worried. 

Secondly, Groff confirmed that he is heading to the recording studio in a few weeks, stating that the directors, songwriters, and cast are really starting to get into the thick of recording. I cannot wait to hear the new tunes, and, if they come up with anything close to as good as "Let It Go" then Frozen 2 will be a hit commercially, musically, and critically. 

Groff says that plot details reside under a very large Non Disclosure Agreement. As unfortunate as this is, we are aware that Kristoff is making a comeback. At the very least, we can also assume that Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel will reprise their roles as "Anna" and "Elsa" respectively. Plus, the directors and writers would be remiss to not include everyone's favorite snowman, "Olaf" voiced by Josh Gad. 

Frozen directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck as well as songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez are back on board. If you wanted more of the same, I am sure that you are going to get it. Frozen 2 looks as if it will promise thrills, songs, character development, etc. in the same vein as the first one. For once, this will not be a bad thing. 

This is all the information that we have right now, but more will start to unravel as the months inch closer to November 2019. Until then, keep listening to the Frozen soundtrack and watching the film!

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