This Wedding Proposal Went All The Way Left When This Woman's Side Piece Showed Up

This Wedding Proposal Went All The Way Left When This Woman's Side Piece Showed Up

The point of any serious relationship is to stay together forever, and, for many couples, this means marriage. Before you can get married, a proposal has to happen. Women and men think about the perfect proposal for their entire lives, and the last thing someone wants is for their soon-to-be fiancee's side piece to show up unexpectedly. 

For a nameless man, this is exactly what happened. Captured on someone's phone, the video of the proposal was leaked online. Boy, the entire situation is sketchy. 

It opens with the man kneeling on the ground in front of his girlfriend at the restaurant where she works. He looks around for about twenty seconds, and then pops the question. Suddenly, another man appears and foils the plan. The kneeling man gets up and is outraged. The woman storms out of the restaurant, leaving both men to work it out between themselves. 

The video can be interpreted in two different ways. The first is exactly how it is seen. The woman has been two-timing her man, and it is clearly her fault for ruining what could have been a good thing. When her side piece arrives, she is embarrassed and walks out. While women should not call other women "whores," cheating is never acceptable and damages every relationship in which it enters.The second way to view the video is that the whole thing was staged. At the beginning of the video, the guy is already down on one knee and looks around the room. What is the most telling is that his girlfriend does not act giddy or excited in the way that she would be if it were really happening. Also, the confrontation is quiet and weak like middle school actors who think that their play is the best when it is actually trash. 

Decide for yourself when you watch the video, but it seems that the latter might be what is actually happening. Is this woman really a two-timing loser? Or did all three of them know what was happening and just wanted to make a viral video in the post-Vine-era? Whatever it is, the people in this video need help. 

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