On Duty Police Officer Gives Her Partner Fellatio While Another Officer Films It From The Patrol Car

On Duty Police Officer Gives Her Partner Fellatio While Another Officer Films It From The Patrol Car
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Everyone has had that fantasy of having sex with a super hot police officer (male or female) in the back of their patrol car. From porn to sexy Halloween costumes, cop fantasies are rampant in our culture. 

Two police officers in Rosario, Argentina were recently recorded having oral sex in the cop car. The female officer was giving some extra attention to her male partner. The video was caught on a third officer's—he was also in the car-—cell phone. The phone video captured the female officer's badge number and was widely distributed on international news and YouTube. 

Apparently, the officers were supposed to dispatch to the scene of a burglary. They had other plans. 

The two officers in the video are currently under investigation and have handed in their guns and badges. My question is what happened to the third guy? He is just as guilty as the other two, yet it has been reported that he is not under investigation. Why? 

What is so to me is that this woman clearly knocks his hand out of the way as he is recording. She does not want him to have video of the act, and in many countries non-consensual sexual video taping is very illegal. 

Should these officers have engaged in fellatio? No. But there was more than two people involved in this situation. If you are going to blame two of the three for not doing their job, the third needs to also be reprimanded. 

In a statement released by the Rosario Police Department, the chief officer says that the two on screen culprits have been suspended and also added, “We condemn this extremely offensive incident for the people of this province, given that we’re dealing with public servants on duty who should be protecting the lives and security of our people.”

Regardless, there is no way that the female and male officer who were engaging in oral sex will ever work at the Rosario police department ever again. Donning a modern Scarlet Letter, these officers just could not keep their pants on, losing their job in the process. 

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